Terms of Service and Publication at Tumtime.com website is designed to facilitate communication in the process of publishing recipes, buying and selling, advertising services, creating a list of companies and stores in the region. As a social and commercial service, the beneficiaries must maintain the integrity of the site and its pioneers.

Materials that are strictly prohibited to be circulated on tumtime.com are :

1- Political, partisan or national advertisements are prohibited.

2- Missionary and religious publications are not permitted on the tumtime.com.

3- Content that defames, harass, threatens the safety of others, tarnishes their reputation, abuses, harass, stalks, threatens, or commits any other violations of their legal, moral or human rights, such as the right to freedom and privacy.

4- Content that discusses illegal or illegal activities, such as selling stolen or unlicensed materials.

5- Content that violates the intellectual property of others, such as: copyrights or trademarks. 6- Immoral, pornographic, immoral or socially inappropriate content is not allowed.

7- It is forbidden to publish false news, leaflets or advertisements that contain inaccurate or misleading information.

8- It is prohibited to publish advertisements to promote or sell medicines, tobacco, narcotics and chemicals harmful to health.

9- It is prohibited to publish advertisements for the sale or purchase of firearms and explosives of all kinds.

10- It is prohibited to publish advertisements that may lead to crimes, including “money laundering” and “honor crimes”.

11- It is forbidden to spread viruses, spyware or any other similar programs that may harm the work of a computer or the property of others.

12- You also agree not to attempt to illegally collect information permitted by the site’s administration or download any of the site’s contents in large quantities, and to put great pressure on the servers with programmed searches and for disruptive purposes. You also agree not to change or attempt to misrepresent your identity while using the Site.

13- As for the accounts and advertisements published on our website, they are all accounts and commercial advertisements, and their purpose is to communicate with the largest segment of people, and to introduce them to the advertised product or service, so we display all images, publications and information, to visitors and send them to engines Search and social networking sites without reservation. 14- We will delete it completely upon request.

15- Except for what was mentioned above, all commercial and personal advertisements for the purpose of selling, buying, making money or acquaintance are allowed and we will take care of them at the same level regardless of the advertiser, unless we choose paid promotion, we will promote and publish the advertisement according to the required level.

16- Conditions 8 and 9 regarding medicines and weapons can be facilitated, if the account holder provides us with an official certificate that enables us to verify with the official authorities that the account holder has the qualifications and rights to sell those products.

17- It is not allowed to publish identical advertisements – the advertisement can be renewed twice a week to appear on top of the advertisements. Any violation of the terms of use will give the ad network site the right to close the account in violation of the laws and delete its ads if it is seriously required. Tumtime.net has the right to modify these terms at any time without any prior notice.

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Tumtime.com Team